Full UK LiitoKala Engineer Lii-500  Intelligent 18650 26650 16340 18350 Battery Charger

Lii-500 is based on Lii-300 R & D productsits biggest feature is displayed on-screen information, it will all work information and a full battery information is displayed on the screenno need to press the View button to view more . In addition, based on Lii-300, Lii-500 combined with the high temperature protectionso Lii-500 safer.

The Lii 500, which is a high-end and smart charger with four independent charging bays.

Battery capacity detection
Battery internal resistance detection
Reverse polarity detection
Short circuit protection
Over-current protection
Temperature control protection
Battery Restoration/Activation
Charging between 1.65V-2.2V
USB 5V output
Automatic battery monitoring while battery is charging and being tested

Lii-500 can be filled with a variety of different types of rechargeable cylindrical lithium-ion batteries and AA/AAA cylindrical NI-MH battery, which are widely used in charging the battery for flashlights, power tools, instruments and apparatuses, digital camera and other electronic products.

Safe, portable and powerful

1. The USB is only as the 5V mobile output, the output current is 1000mah, when it connect to the power supply, the USB output is invalid.
2. When the battery is placed into the tank of the charger, the USB 5V output is activated, so that it can charge the 5V electronic products.
3. There are for battery slots, any one can be the USB output, however, It is better to put the batteries into two slots.
4. 5V USB output is only valid for the 3.7V lithium battery, invalid for the NI-MH to boost.

DC input voltage:12V/2.0A
Lithium battery charging current:300mah/500mah/700mah/1000mah(4.2V)
NI-MH charging current:300mah/500mah/700mah/1000mah(1.48V)
Rechargeable battery specifications: 18650/26650/14500/AA/AAA
Discharging current:250mah/500mah
USB output: 5V—1000mah
Termination mode: Intelligent voltage monitoring
Dimensions: 162mm x 96mm x 36)mm

1x LiitoKala Engineer 500 Quad Bay Battery Charger
1x LiiitoKala UK 3Pin 2a Mains Power Module
1x Car Adaptor
1x Manual